Zazi PhotoShoot

Recently Zazi Minerals were involved in a shoot for a national magazine, Bella. Bella is a magazine aimed at teenage girls as an alternative to the sexed up magazines that are on the market today! Bella is helping to promote REAL body image and to encourage young girls to be who they want to be, not what magazines are telling them to be.

I was privileged enough to be asked to do the makeup for 2 shoots in the Spring edition and work with a couple of fantastic local photographers, including Mel from MiaMia Photography. So, this morning I have for you a little sneak peak of what we did together for the ‘Fashion Ecclectic’ shoot, where the brief was bright colours and a bit of fun!:)

You can see the rest of the photo’s from both this shoot and the formal shoot in this Season’s Bella Magazine, out at the beginning of September!

Tori x.